Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current Project: Modifying Wishbones

 Remember that I am using stock front wishbones for that old school look.  I cut the ends just past the “ U “ that connects both sides of the one piece , stock, wishbone and then I cut a slot on both sides so that I could get more weld between the wishbone and the bung.  I used a 3/8 ths end mill to accomplish this on the milling machine.  I could have used a 3/8 ths drill and then a disc cutter to cut the slot.  I’ve done this in the past and it worked just fine.  It doesn’t have to be pretty because the weld will fill it in.  The idea here is to gain some additional strength.  The upper bung has been tacked in place on both sides and is ready for final weld when ready.

This picture shows the makings and the jig that I  built that will create the urethane bushing assembly less the bushing itself.  Starting from left to right.  I cut pieces of  1 3/8 ths OD x 1 1/8 ID seamless tubing making them 1 inch wide.  I then purchased 5/8 ths x 18 grade 8 bolts x 2 inches long. This next step is not necessary but I like to turn the sharp edges or point off the head of the bolt.  It just makes the welding and finishing a little easier.  Before I had access to a lathe, I just used the head the way it was.  The fixture or jig is home built and is used to center the bolt on the sleeve for the bushing assembly.  The sleeve uses a bushing to hold and center the sleeve in the fixture.  The long piece of 7/8 ths seamless tubing is used to hold the bolt in place in the center , as determined by the two pieces of square tubing welded to the angle iron that is held by the vise.

 Here the sleeve and the bolt are in position for the tacking operation.

This picture shows the whole thing put together and held in the vise for tacking.  I will put a short tack on this side – remove the bolt , slide the assembly down and away from the ears , remove the centering bushing , rotate the assemble 180 degrees reinstall and tack the other side.  Remove and final weld when ready.

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