About Me

1952 , the island of Guam. I am in the 3rd grade: one of the Enlisted men that works with my Dad brings over a Model A roadster ; channeled , no fenders or hood, probably flathead powered but definitely a stick shift out of the floor ( probably a 39 box). I climb in and he takes me for a ride down the mountain , finds a wide spot with some gravel – flips a 180 and nails it! The hair sticks up on my neck , I get goose bumps up and down my spine, the grin is from ear to ear and I’m hooked!!!
Hot rods then become my love, passion, and my life.

I’ve had a love affair with hot rods ever since that day! I learned all I could from books, asked questions, and watched others. I helped other guys work on their cars, learned all I could and practiced by building model cars and trucks. When I got older, I joined the Navy Reserve and became an Engineman attending a school in Great Lakes in 1964. After the service I attended college and became a Vocational Shop Instructor. teaching auto-mechanics, auto-body and paint, machine shop, and drafting .  I did this for 27 years, retiring in 1999. After retiring I built a new home and shop and began to fulfill that dream of building hot rods. I now have six Saturdays and one Sunday each week , four weeks a month, twelve months a year – life is good!!! Hot rods are truly a life long passion – although it can also become a love/hate relationship! It’s in my blood and shows under my fingernails. I love this dream!!!

Current Project:1927 Highboy - The hard way!